Monday, December 7, 2009

Video Game Awards

Well, it’s the end of the year so we’re starting to see a variety of award events across the internet (and TV if you count Spike’s VGA show). The problem that I have with these ceremonies is their tendency to be the same when it comes to award categories; Best [PS3/Xbox360/Wii] Game, Best Graphics, Best Music, Game of the Year. They all have it and it isn't terribly original. So, why not come up with a few new categories? Let me present to you ten award categories that I would like to see:
  • Avantgarde Award: The game with the most original or downright bizarre concepts.
  • Backlash Award: The game that received the harshest criticism.
  • Brutality Award: The game which offers the greatest challenge at the highest difficult setting.
  • Canvas Award: The game which makes the best use of colors other than grey and brown.
  • Ecology Award: The game with the most recycled content and cliché themes.
  • “Engrish” Award: The game that gets the most creative with the English language.
  • Esoteric Award: The game with the longest and steepest learning curve.
  • Lemon Award: The game with the most glitches and bugs yet is still considered playable.
  • Testosterone Award: The game with the most gore, profanity and nudity.
  • Underdog Award: The game which is low on marketing hype, but high on quality.
Of course some of these awards are rather dubious, but a list such as the one I’ve presented here might actually be informative to the viewer instead of just giving out pointless bragging rights. And when you get down to it most gamers have already decided what their favorites are so why not throw a curve ball and give people something different?