Sunday, January 22, 2012


With the debut of the next installment of in the Resident Evil series (a.k.a. Biohazard 6) a lot of speculation has been going around as to what characters will appear in the game. Some of the cast are easy to spot (Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield), some less so (Ingrid Hunnigan), and then there are a few new faces in the trailer as well as some unknowns. There's some speculation that the guy with virus immunity is Alex - the brother of Albert Wesker. It's been suggested that his female companion is Ashley Gram or possibly Rebecca Chambers. I've even heard someone speculate that she's a grown up version of Sherry Birkin. Ada Wong has also been confirmed to be in the game by Capcom.

New and old faces aside I have high hopes that my all time favorite Resident Evil character will show up in some capacity though. In case you don't know who I'm talking about he plays a very minor role in the series. Yup, you guessed it - The Merchant! "What'cha selling? What'dya buying?" It's great! I love'm just pulling your leg. Hunk is my favorite character in a very Star Wars...Boba kind of way. Even if he only appears in some kind of mercenaries mode I will be satisfied, but should he appear in the story line itself then I will be ecstatic. Considering the viral marketing slogan "No Hope Left" I think it wouldn't be hard to squeeze him in since his Biohazard nickname, Shinu-gami, usually translates to "Mr. Death", "God of Death" or even "The Grim Reaper" in English.

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