Friday, October 19, 2012

Book Promo

When I started this blog it was my earnest intent to discuss two things; video games and internet piracy. With a particularly emphasis on topics that are a combination of the two. For better or worse though I've often drifted off the mark during the several years this webpage has been up and running. Well, I'm about to make my biggest divergence yet so bear with me. I want to take a moment of your time (yes, you the reader) to promote a book I wrote.

It's called Alien Dynasty, as you probably gathered when you looked at the cover art.  I'm hesitant to give it a label beyond "Genre Fiction," but if you like the kind of video games I've been talking about in many of the 75+ posts made to this blog then you might also enjoy this novel.  I'm distributing it digitally via so if you have a Kindle or a device with a Kindle reader app then you should be all set.  There's also a free preview, product description and author bio of yours truly to check out.

I hope that sparks your interest, regardless if it does or not though I will be returning to a regularly weekly posting schedule pertaining to video games and internet piracy.  So, think of this as an intermission of sorts which I'll conclude with a short excerpt from my debut novel.  Here you go:

The uncultivated gully was well away from any homesteads or places of gathering, and as such rarely had any visitors, least of all, a pair of knights mounted on serrator maws and dressed in full battle harness. They were an impressive pair with sabers at their hips, bucklers at the wrist and demilances in hand. Their armor glinted in the waxing light of the rising sun. Aside from some differences in the dye of cloth they wore, the pair looked nearly identical. From the perspective of colorblind spine scroungers which foraged amongst the small tufts of grass the two appeared to be mirror images of one another as they simultaneously entered at opposite ends of the gully. The location had been selected for this meeting because of its seclusion and the long flat patch of even earth which lay between the riders. 

No words were spoken for none were needed. A brief raising of demilances was all that was required to signal that the duel should begin. Not a single person was present to watch, the knights nudged their serrator maws into a full charge. The beasts and their riders bore down upon each other with ever more frightening speed. Demilances slowly lowered as the two approached the moment of their collision. Despite their battle inexperience the skill of each was impeccable. It was regrettable that when the two demilances struck their opposing targets not a spectator was present to witness the event. It had all been kept a secret, for if the purpose of the duel had been made public it would have brought shame upon both knight’s families. Neither demilance broke, but both penetrated with incredible force. One through a gap in the armor around the neck, and the other straight through the breastplate. The one whose armor had failed him entirely was thrown from the saddle and crashed to the ground, broken and lifeless. 

 His opponent fared little better. During the exchange he had lost the grip on his demilance and by trained instinct reached for his saber. Before this action could be completed though, a wash of dizzying nausea overtook the rider. Only half comprehending, he groped with a free hand at the slippery plate of armor just below his throat. Just before passing out he managed to lift a gloved hand to his visor and saw that it had become covered with fresh blood, his blood. Slumped in the saddle the victor soon listed to one side and fell to the earth. Now riderless the serrator maws drifted off. Eventually they were found and returned to their proper stables. The fallen knights fared worse though. When the bodies were finally discovered in that lonely gully the carrion eaters had been feasting for much of the day.

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