Friday, April 11, 2014


Inspired by a naming competition done by the Giantbomb crew to pass the time while they signed posters on a live stream for something like 3 hours, I decided to play alphabetical categorization with video game titles too.  Here's the basic ground rules:

  1. There must be three entries all with matching first letters in the title (excluding "Y").
  2. All entries must have been played at some point (by me).
  3. Connecting words don't apply to rule #1 (such as "the","and", "of", etc.) 

Now let me sing you my video game ABC song (with links).
A is for Asteroids, Archon and Armored Ambush.
B is for Breakout, Bioshock and Battle Bugs.
C is for Contra, Castlevania and Choplifter.
D is for Dig Dug, Double Dragon and Diablo.
E is for Earthsiege, Enslaved and Extermination
F is for Final Fantasy, Food Fight and Fatal Frame.
G is for Gladiator, Gemcraft and Gain Ground.
H is for Heretic, Halo and The Horde. 
I is for ICO, inFAMOUS and The Immortal.
J is for Jet, Joust and Journey.
K is for Killzone, Kengo and Karateka.
L is for Lemmings, Limbo and The Land of the Lounge Lizards.
M is for Metroid, Mechwarrior and Myst.
N is for Nocturne, Nova 9 and NARC.
O is for Oni, OutRun and Ogre (never actually played the original board game).
P is for Populous, Paperboy and Pirates!
Q is for QuackShot, Q*bert and Quake.
R is for Rogue, Rampage and Ring of Red.
S is for Strider, Siren and Sword of Sodan.
T is for Tetris, Thief and Trine.
U is for Uncharted, Ultima Underworld and Unreal (before it became an engine).
V is for Valis, Viking and The Visitor.
W is for Wolfenstein, Warlord and The Witcher.
X is for Xybots, Xenophobe and X-COM.
Y is for Year Walk, Yar's Revenge and Yume Kojo: Dokidoki Panic.
Z is for Zelda, Zork and...well...Z...

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