Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Their Picks, My Picks

What critics chose for their GotY awards:

Sure Undertale might squeeze in their somewhere because of its quirkiness, or something like Axiom Verge for the nostalgia, but the joke is none of the games I've mentioned thus far were the slightest bit engaging to me.  Instead I spent most of my time playing:

And right now I'm having fun with Galak-Z and Telltale's Game of Thrones.  You see...the problem I have with Triple-A gaming is that it's all real-time action/adventure titles with firefights and melee combat from the first person, or over the shoulder third person, perspective.  Greater amounts of variety aside, indie gaming is a lot cheaper too.  Add up the cost of all the games I was into this year (in the bottom list) and it comes out to less than half the total price of the six titles in the top list.  I hope this is a trend that changes in 2016, but I it doubt will.

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