Saturday, June 25, 2016

Name Triva

The protagonist of the Dead Space trilogy, Issac Clarke's name is a combination of two famous science fiction writers - "Issac Asimov" and "Arthur C. Clarke".

Featured in all the King's Quest games (and the protagonist of several), Gram's first quest was putting a stop to a dragon terrorizing the countryside.  The right man for the job considering "Gram" was the name of the sword Sigurd used to slay Fafnir

Alucard is a vampire hunter from the Castlevania series.  The fact that he undoes vampires seems quite appropriate since the name "Alucard" is "Dracula" spelled backward.

A fusion of the Japanese word "Warui," meaning "bad," and the "o" at the end of "Mario" results in this evil version of Nintendo's most iconic mascot.

From Silent Hill 2 comes James Sunderland.  His first name is unremarkable, but his last name literally means "split" or "shatter," and "place."  It's a metaphor for the town of Silent Hill (which has multiple realms), and the final plot revelation that contrasts the lies James told himself versus the reality of what really happened in his troubled past. 

In Japanese "paku" is an onamonapia used to express the sound of someone taking a big bite of foot.  The "man" part, on the other hand, doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering Pacman doesn't have a torso... 

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